(2002)  Ryan's very first album, which is currently out of print though available exclusively in digital formats. Featuring a handful of songs rarely heard anymore, along with a few staples that have never really left the rotation, this album has a lot to offer the diehard fan that simply must know the complete history. Hear the humble, early beginnings of a great singer-songwriter in the making.

  01. City 01:26
  02. Shuffling Paper 05:12
03. Tuesday Morning 05:14
04. Already There 04:10
  05. Roadtime Rag 02:51
  06. Variety 04:42
07. Sour Grapes 04:00
  08. Pleasurefields 05:01
  09. Just Perfect 03:19
  10. 20 Million People 05:20
  11. Small Doses 04:22
  12. All Wet 04:38


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