Heavy on the Vine



(2010)  RMB's long-awaited third studio release features stripped-down arrangements of 14 new songs, all produced by Martin Sexton. This album was recorded at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, MA in the spring of 2010, just before the boys left on tour as Martin's opener and backing band. Featuring the wildly popular “Songbird” in addition to the wide variety of song styles captured here, this album has a little something to offer everyone.

  01. Slippery Road 04:12
02. Songbird 03:33
  03. I Can't Wait 04:33
  04. Fix Your Wings 04:41
05. Carry 03:36
  06. Chariot (I Know) 04:56
  07. Hands 01:58
08. Here et al. 04:08
  09. Love Songs 02:45
  10. More and More and More 05:15
  11. My Best Guess 03:24
  12. Stay 03:59
  13. Lonesome Serenade 04:43
  14. Straw in the Wind 05:06


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