One Fine Color



(2006)  Released back on Valentine's Day in 2006, this is the very first Ryan Montbleau Band studio effort. The band spent more than two years playing over 400 shows developing these songs before landing at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY where the album was finally recorded. Featuring some of the most highly-requested staples in the RMB catalogue to date, this album is essential listening for old and new fans alike.

01. Stretch 05:17
  02. Quickie 04:50
03. Inspired by No One 04:58
  04. One Fine Color 04:07
  05. (intro) 00:52
  06. Variety 04:32
  07. It's All Been Done Before 05:26
  08. Thick American Skin 01:56
  09. Under the Gun 03:54
  10. Honeymoon Eyes 03:57
11. The Boat Song 03:06
  12. (intro) 01:25
  13. Starting Again 05:00


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