Patience on Friday



(2007)  The band returned to a little farm in Woodstock, NY in early 2007 to begin work on this second studio release. From bare vocals with lush string arrangements, to modern rhythm and soul, to two-beat gypsy jazz-like numbers, this album holds up as one the band's finest works to date. Adding to the mix are a few string arrangements by the legendary Karl Berger, along with a host of incredible guest musicians, making this the must-have album for all fans of the band.

  01. How Many Times? (parts I and II) 01:03
  02. Draw the Line 05:32
03. 75 and Sunny 05:10
  04. Love and Love Lost 05:00
05. Maybe Today 05:14
  06. Eggs 02:35
  07. Waiting 04:52
  08. How Many Times? (part III) 00:29
  09. This 05:05
10. Grain of Sand 06:13
  11. Gone 01:01
  12. If it Comes Around 05:28
  13. How Many Times? (part IV) 00:57
  14. Shine On 04:38


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