(2003)  This solo-acoustic live album brings together some of Ryan's best performances from the spring of 2003. From a coffeeshop, to a small club, to a large theatre, all of these stages are presented for your enjoyment. Included is a bonus studio recording of “Honeymoon Eyes” and a “Substitute Teacher Blues” from back when Ryan was still teaching.

  01. You Crazy You 03:55
02. Variety 04:41
  03. Tell Me Another 03:29
  04. Two Steps Behind 03:05
05. Just Perfect 04:15
  06. Starting Again 05:42
  07. Already There 04:39
08. A Way With Women 03:07
  09. Substitute Teacher Blues 05:28
  10. Stretch 04:17
  11. Honeymoon Eyes 03:02


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