About Village Produce

Village Produce is a specialized online retailer and web development company providing high-end merchandising solutions to meet the needs of today's independent artists. Our mission is to provide a highly functional, highly customized, yet simple and intuitive online shopping experience backed by exceptional customer service. Our artists trust us to take care of their fans because we genuinely care, seeing to it that people are taken care of, no matter what problems may arise.

Our retail services include basic product setup in our main all-inclusive store, custom-branded exclusive storefronts for artists seeking a premium solution, and daily order fulfillment that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. And we do all this while determined to provide the friendliest, most attentive customer service that both artists and their fans could ever ask for.

Fostering the artist-fan relationship is at very the heart of what we do every day, and going the extra mile isn't an option, it's policy.

“Nice package.” Yeah, we get that a lot.

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